I love those beautiful chalkboard graphics that parents pose alongside their children to illustrate all the wonderful achievements they have accomplished over the past year.

Unfortunately, I am not at all skilled with freehand drawing. And buying one outright was too much for my pocketbook.

The solution was to make a digital version with some easy Monster Cutouts!

A tri-fold display board celebrating my son’s first year of life.

It made a beautiful backdrop for my son’s present and gift bag table.

Then and Now graphic depicts newborn and one year old baby
My rainbow baby turns one!

Now let’s talk about the steps needed to make your own beautiful birthday infographic! There are a few different parts necessary to complete the final board and I will split it into different sections.

First: plan your Monster Infographic. Outline what you plan to include and the basic concept of how you would like it to look, then gather all your supplies.

Second: We need to head to the computer and create the graphics before printing them out. Depending on the amount of ink the graphics use it may be worthwhile to print at a local Staples to save on cost.

Lastly: My favorite part! Creating amazing monsters and other elements to spice up the graphic. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to DIY a cool birthday infographic for very little money!

First Things First, What’s The Plan? 

Before you get started with any major project you need to have a plan in place. I sat down with pen and paper and jotted down what I wanted to include in my son’s tri-fold infographic display board. Do you have a specific color scheme in mind or an element you really want to include? Now is the time to create an outline of everything you want to do to make things easier later on.

Create a list of all the supplies you will need to complete your Tri-fold display board.

Raid your personal stash first!

You don’t want to accidentally buy something you already have

Here’s what you’re going to need

  • Tri-Fold Display Board
  • Card stock, various colors plus black and white
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Spray Glue (Optional)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Access to the internet to create the graphics

I use Canva, a graphic design website to create my graphics

There is a monthly fee but still lots of options with the free version. 

Design Time

This is one of my favorite parts because there are so many options it’s easy to be creative.

Chalkboard graphic with a green box and text including 1st birthday baby's loves along with a monster element as decoration

BUT! This step is also the most time-consuming. I had to go through a few different designs until I found one that suited me. Just play around with the elements and keep in mind that even though there are a lot of free options available it usually only .99 to download something if the mood strikes you.

Chalkboard graphic with a yellow box and text including 1st birthday baby's first words and nicknames along with a monster element as decoration

Totally not breaking the bank!

Chalkboard graphic with a brown box and text including 1st birthday baby's favorite things along with a monster element as decoration

Let’s break it down into easy steps

Chalkboard graphic with a blue box and text including 1st birthday baby's physical traits along with a monster element as decoration
  • Determine what size the graphic will be first: I did mine in a standard 8×11 landscape format which allowed me to fit two on each side of the tri-fold display board along with fun cardstock monsters. 
  • Choose your color scheme: I googled color pallets until I found ones I liked. You can input the color codes and customize the colors however you like.
  • Focal point: Insert a box for your text and choose what color and outline you would like for it
  • Make it our own: Find a fun element like my monsters to spice it up, maybe a balloon or a present? Make it your own!
  • Tweak it to your liking: Move and adjust to create a pleasant look
  • Insert text:  Now that you have the background and design finished it’s time to input your text. Spend a few minutes finding the right font and put the finishing touches on your graphics.
  • One last look over: Before you save be sure to take a look to ensure everything flows well together. I’ve listed the information I included in mine but you can also incorporate different milestones or maybe cool places your baby has visited?
    • Favorite Things 
    • Loves
    • First words
    • Nicknames
    • Description of baby
    • Then and Now
  • Print out your graphics: I decided to break my son’s Monster infographic board into four sections, but maybe you would like just one big graphic to cover the entire board? I like to go to my local printing store and have them print them out for me in bright and vibrant colors.  I decided to laminate mine but it would look just as nice if you just glued a glossy graphic to the board.

A little Arts And Crafts

Colorful card stock monsters glued to a tri-fold display board accentuate birthday boys likes
Smiling monsters are a cute addition to the party

Create your monsters:

It’s time to pull your card stock out and create your monsters! I found this neat little packet with large construction paper shapes that were just the perfect size for my monsters at a local Dollar store but honestly it isn’t necessary it’s just a great time saver for very little money.

Card stock shapes cut out and organized
The cut outs are prepped and ready to be assembled

If you have drawing skills now is your time to shine!  But, simple shapes work just fine for the rest of us. Save some card stock for arms, legs, and other monster extremities. Cut out the eyes, mouth, and teeth giving them different but fun expressions. Glue them together and have fun with it. The beauty of monsters is nothing that has to be perfect! The important part is to keep it silly. 

Jazz it up:

I didn’t want my poster board to be full of graphics and read like a book so I created a big focal point to dominate the inside of the board. I decided to do a sort of hot air balloon effect with my son’s Then and Now graphic and some gorgeous colorful card stock.

A Cluster of colorful balloons

You can substitute it with regular construction paper but the colors might not pop the same and it’s definitely not as durable.

card stock balloons in five different colors
Cut out several balloons in various colors

I created a  balloon template and then traced it four times on a single piece of card paper. I did this several times and with various colors so I could create a giant beautiful cluster. 

Lay it out and Glue it on:

Colorful card stock monsters highlighting the 1st birthday boy.
Super simple Monsters made out of cardstock

Lay your board down on a flat surface and plan out where you want to place everything before you start gluing. Nothing worse than accidentally putting a balloon where it doesn’t belong and ruining the effect.

Colorful card stock balloons laid out in a cluster with pipe cleaner as the string.
Practice how you want them laid out prior to gluing.

Now that you know how you want it to look it’s time to make it permanent. Placing the monsters was fairly easy, too. I used spray glue on the graphics and monsters to ensure they didn’t come off during the party but you can try a glue stick or even Elmer’s glue in a pinch.

And that’s it!

Now you have your beautiful tri-fold display board to brighten up your child’s party!

I hope you have a fantastic time creating this incredibly easy project. Let me know all about your infographics below!

The tri-fold display board on the gift bag table day of the party.
Place the infographic on the gift table to give guests something to look at when first arriving to the arriving to the party.