Nanny Nook And Cranny

Celebrating The Art Of Life

About Me

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Hello and welcome!

My name is Ellie and I’m the founder of Nanny Nook and Cranny where we lovingly Celebrate the Art of Life. What does The Art of Life mean? I’m so glad you asked! It means finding fun and creative ways to enjoy life to it’s fullest. Do you love getting your hands dirty with creative projects? Do you want to organize your life so make things easier?

Then look no further!

I love all things organization and get a little thrill every time I get the chance to clean a closet or cupboard and would love to share with you everything that I know with you!

Then tell me, do you enjoy taking a first-hand approach when it comes to games, activities, and organization? Or maybe you’re looking to improve your ability to develop a workable fun-filled day. Do you want to make your life easier through the 3 T’s? Tips, Tricks, and Techniques? If you are still with me then grab your craft scissors and glue and pull up a chair as you’ve come to the right place.

Over the past 15 years, I have enjoyed imagining, creating and implementing fun and interactive projects for the children in my care to dig into and explore. At Nanny Nook and Cranny, I bring all of that and more to you through projects, techniques, and advice to inspire even the most aesthetically lacking individual among us.

A little about my world, I have enjoyed being a nanny to two sets of twins since June 2010. Throughout the years I have worked with them both full-time as babies and toddlers and now part-time after school. I have experienced it all, from bottles and diapers to homework and chores and even the occasional hair-pull and tears.

Kids are not always easy!

But, best of all, after years of taking care of someone else’s children, it’s now my turn to wear the mommy hat! My son Jude was born in October 2018 which means I’m rediscovering the joys of baby and toddlerhood again. Along with pursuing my degree in Early Childhood education my days are all things, kids!

Let’s build something together.